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We can take you from your hotel which is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the dominican republic to the Caribbean Sea Side of the island where Saona Island is located.  The caribbean side is spectacular and worth seeing.  Saona island is in a National Park and is spectacular.  Beautiful crystal clear Turquoise waters and you feel like you are in a post card.

We will take your group via Private Bus transfer (duration one hour from hotel to the pier where we board the boat of your choice (see photos)  and head out.
Included are:

* Private transfer from the Hotel in the boat
* Entrance fee to the National Park of the East (where Saona Island is located)
* BBQ dominican buffet lunch
* (including grilled chicken, grilled pork, grilled caribbean langostina, pasta, rice, salad, bread and fruit)
* Open bar serving beer, rum, soft drinks and water
* Fruit and snacks on the boat
* Snorkeling equipement for all guests
* Snorkeling stop on the way to the island
* A stop in the Natural Pool to swim with the starfish on the way to the island
* Dive equipement for the divers
* Two dives with private guide

The only extra charges would be your personal spending on the day of the tour as well as our photo service should you choose to use it.

To give you an exact quote for a PRIVATE CHARTER I need to know:  The name of the hotel you will be staying at and the number of people diving versus snorkelling and if anyone will participate in the discover scuba program (so an un-experienced person can see us the day before, we teach them the basics in the pool and then they can dive the following day ~ there is no licence with this, it is simply an introduction to diving and allows someone to try it).  Once I have that then I can give you a price.

Normally we pick you up at 8:00 am and have you back at the hotel at approximately 6:00 pm.

There will be dominican music (merengue, bachata, salsa and reggeton) on the boat.   As this is your private tour, you are free to bring an ipod or telephone or ipad with music that is of your preference and we will gladly play it for you.

On the day of tour you will need to bring:  Dive Cards, Dive logs, Towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, spending money (we will stop at a souvenir shop for a bathroom break on the way home and they have great things there and will take credit cards ~ there are also massages available at the beach at Saona Island) oh, and don’t forget dry undies for the ride home.

I am originally from Canada and have been here for 4 years now.  We pride ourselves on the VIP treatment we offer our guests, you can read our reviews on Trip Advisor if you want to see what our guests have to say.

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