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Underwater Photography & Adventure Droneography.

When you open the pages of SCUBA, Sport Diver or PADI Magazine, you’re often graced with the most stunning aquatic photos ever. Did you ever wonder how those came to be? Wouldn’t you love to have photos like that made especially for you? At Punta Cana Scuba Diving, an El Tour Caribe company, we make that dream a reality. Best of all, our amazing photos come to you at an investment level that certainly won’t break the bank – in fact, an underwater photography package can be yours for the price of a nice family dinner out.

“As our stellar reputation precedes us, it is no wonder that our clients expect the very best from our concierge service. El Tour Caribe delivers in spades. We rest assured that our coveted Centurion Members are in good hands with Lise, Edwar, and their team in the Dominican Republic.”

Salt Lake City, Utah

Via Concierge Liaison – December 16, 2017

“Choosing The Media Collection That’s Right For You.”

Your preferred collection may be added at the time of booking, or after booking. We will need 48 hours or more notice for scheduling purposes.

Our most popular collection is the Land, Sea & Drone Collection, which is the Land & Sea Collection PLUS the Aerial Masterpiece Collection. Most clients choose this as it includes our “bundle” discount.

We provide photos to you on an El Tour Caribe USB drive. Video post production for Droneography is available upon request at additional charge.

For Weddings & Special Events, we’ll work together to prepare the collection that best suits your needs for the respective event.

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Just $165

For Approximately 10 Minutes Of Raw Footage

Post Production For An Awesome Final Video With Copyright-Free Soundtrack Available For An Additional $125 USD

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Professional Droneography...

Aerial Masterpiece Collection

We use an HD camera attached to a drone for both land and sea aerial videography. Yes, we’re skilled enough to fly our drone(s) over the water with minimal risk. Practice makes perfect!

Enjoy roughly ten minutes of raw footage which you can edit yourself for a great short video to wow your friends and family, or hire our video post production pros to pull the best of the best from your clips and put together a great video capturing your adventure.

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Expect The Best With Us...

Underwater Photography Collection

It’s important to remember that each and every time you dive, you never know what you may expect to find beneath the waves. Therefore, every dive is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture a never seen before moment.

Our professional photographers are not only scuba pros, but also (as you can see) exceptionally talented with capturing the look, and emotion of your experience beneath the sea. The Underwater Photography Collection will certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

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Just $125

For 20 Professional Photos

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Just $180

For 30 Professional Photos

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Documenting Your Experience...

Land & Sea Collection

As you may have noticed both here and on El Tour Caribe, a lot of our adventures are not solely under the water. We offer a multitude of land-based experiences, and even ocean adventures that begin on the surface.

These postcard perfect moments can be yours forever when you choose our Land & Sea Collection. You’ll receive a bit more photos just to bring you the perfect balance of surf and turf to share with your family and friends.

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Treasured Moments...

Weddings & Events Collection

Only a select few are able to tie the knot in such a wonderful tropical paradise. Capture this treasured moment forever with El Tour Caribe and Punta Cana Scuba Diving’s professional photographers. Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to look back any time you wish at “the moment”?

While wedding photography is a must-have, also consider this package for other special events such as vow renewals, anniversaries, mitvahs, engagements, corporate events, team building events, awards ceremonies, and more. The sky is the limit, and we can tailor a package that is simply perfect!

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Just $325

For 30 Professional Photos

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Albert Turi Photography

A picture is worth a thousand dives.

Somewhere beneath the waves, in an enchanting and three-dimensional world, you can immerse yourself with sea life and magical splendor that few have borne witness. Why file these memories into a drawer in your mind when you can capture them forever with Underwater Photography…

“Capture Your Undersea Adventure Forever”

“I’d love to share my skills and experiences to help you master your underwater photography. If you wish, take a look at our Dive Shop as well, for prints, apparel, and more.” ~ Albert Turi

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Albert Turi

Behind the lens with a PADI Divemaster

Hi. I’m Albert Turi. That’s me in the wet suit over there. As I hope you can see with my photography – much of which is featured throughout this site – I have a great passion for what I do. I love diving and I love capturing those moments that I spend beneath the water’s surface.

I graduated around forty years ago with a degree in Graphic Arts Technology, and since that time I’ve held many positions in printing, publishing, and imaging technology. Just imagine… in the days before Photoshop, one had to have hands-on experience with the imaging systems that made such tools possible. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a photo lab technician for a large portrait studio, all the way to instructing operators worldwide in the use of electronic imaging systems.

As a lifelong photographer and also a PADI Divemaster, I’ve realized photography adds a new dimension and set of challenges to scuba diving. Think of it as “the next level” of adrenaline rushes and adventure seeking. Underwater photography is a never ending journey in the discovery of new and enchanting moments. I’d love for you to join me on these amazing Aquatic Experiences…



Many Unique Moments Caught